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Trip Archive

Weekends of April 30th, 2016 and May 7th, 2016:

Clearing, clearing and more......clearing!

Weekend of June 25th, 2016:

More clearing, hauling materials to start the screened in shack

and the culvert got installed so we piled stone around the sides to dress it up

July 1st, 2016 (Happy Canada Day!):

We only had a half day but we managed to get the footings and floor framing done

Weekend of July 16th, 2016:

Started rough framing of screened in shack and caught "penny hoppers"

Weekend of July 30th, 2016:

Finished a lot of the rough framing of screened in shack

Weekend of August 6th, 2016:

We weren't at camp but we built some doors for the screened in shack

as well as loaded up the truck with gear and the rhino for a pre-trip to camp before vacation time!

Week of August 13th, 2016:

Got a good start on our bunkie cabin and made the gazebo a little more homey.

Some rainy weather slowed things down slightly but we did our best to work around

what mother nature threw our way and made some time to explore some local trails,

hit the beach, visit neighbours and relax with a cold beer now and then!

(this is week one of our three week vacation, so more updates to come)

Weeks of August 22nd and 29th, 2016:

After a quick trip home to check on things there, we returned ready to get more work done.

All in all, we did pretty good. We left with a steel roof on the gazebo, a dog house

(project accomplished by Katie and the girls) and a bunkie complete with a front door,

chimney (woodstove coming soon), steel roof and a partially finished sleep area.

After three weeks of living out of a tent, we were happy to spend the last few nights sleeping in the camp we built!

We also took some time to visit family in North Bay and do a few days trips canoeing and sightseeing.

Weekend of Sept 17th, 2016:

Heat! We have heat! After a couple of cold nights we were happy to have even a bit of heat.

The soffit section of our ceiling is still wide open as is the peak vent.

Also, the building is, for the most part, uninsulated, so it's tough to get the place very warm.

But, on a cold damp day, any heat is great!

Long story short, we were unable to complete the cement board behind the stove, but this will happen soon.

Next spring we'll do tile on the floor and stone on the walls.

The Rhino proved handy in hauling the stove up the hill, on Sunday we treated her to a mud bath to say thanks!

Weekend of Sept 24th, 2016:

Katie had a talk to give in Boston so it was the girls and I Friday night / Saturday.

With mama bear gone, work slowed a bit but we still managed to get some stuff completed.

The girls got a chance to try out the new "Bear Archery 1st Shot" bows, they were pretty excited about that!

We picked up Katie in North Bay sunday morning and enjoyed a gorgeous fall day.

Weekend of October 8th, 2016:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ceiling insulated and some pine put up in what will be the bathroom!

Besides that we took some time to hang out with family as well as go for a hike / hunt.

Weekend of October 22nd, 2016:

All windows are now in and the vapor barrier is completed on any spot that was previously insulated.

Although we still have much work to do, we are happy to be to this stage as the camp can now support winter trips!

Saturday night dipped down below freezing and there was a few hints of flurries in the air, we were happy to have a cozy cabin.

Weekend of November 12th, 2016:

After a very busy summer of clearing and building, we decided to take it a little easier this weekend.

Friday night, after getting the kids to bed, we managed to haul up and assemble a futon for the living room area.

Saturday, we went to North Bay to pick up mattresses for the bunk beds and visit mom.

Sunday, we roughed in a trail from the camp to the south side hydro line, we finsihed the day with a hike around some local trails.

Random pics from Winter, 2016 / 2017:

March Break, 2017:

A little bit of skiing, a little bit of work done and a whole lot of relaxing evenings by the woodstove!

Spring, 2017:

Work obligations kept us from our usual spring routine. This was followed by rhino issues and some mice guests in the gazebo.

After some elbow grease (and cursing like a sailor) seems we might be getting back on track!

Summer, 2017:

With Brent's retirement (aka "camptirement") we had the fortunate opportunity to be able to spend a large majority of the summer at camp!

This time at camp afforded us to get a bunch of things done including adding solar, building a woodshed, building an outhouse,

adding a covered porch to the camp as well as complete a few other smaller odds and ends. The girls were amazing helpers all summer.

We did have a bitter sweet moment, our old boy Pete passed on father's day weekend, but we gained his nephew and great niece as a result (Piston and Petal).

Fall, 2017:

Fall, this year, has proven to be a great time to clean up some odds and ends we started during the summer.

We've finished a good majority of our firewood supply for the 2018/2019 season, insulated a portion of our cabin floor,

finished some solar install work that was left in a temporary state during the summer and finished a lot of pine and

cement board in the cabin. We recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary up at camp as well!

Game Cam Pics: